Susan McGalla Explains How Mothers Can Manage Both Work And Family Life

Posted on April 18, 2018 By

In today’s world, it can be quite difficult to manage your family life and work to get ahead at your job if you’re a mother, and if you’re a single mother who has a few children, it can be even tougher. Businesswoman Susan McGalla has been there, but she’s managed to delegate her time appropriately to different tasks that have allowed to her to succeed both in the workplace and at home. She shared a few of them with the Getting Balance magazine.

McGalla suggests that mothers make downtime for themselves as much of a priority as possible, and one way they can do that is to say no sometimes to neighbors or friends so that they have more time to relax. She also suggests mothers do some planning the night before so that mornings aren’t too much of a hassle trying to get children ready for school or other activities, and that way they can remember a little more clearly what their plans were for the day. And most importantly, McGalla says mothers should never stress out over any negatives they’ve done, but instead they should think about all things positive.

Susan McGalla is currently working for the NFL’s Pittsburgh Steelers as Vice President of Business and Creative Strategy where she brings new ideas for fan merchandise and memorabilia at the team’s pro shop and fan website. Prior to that she worked for two major Pittsburgh-based retail chains at the Joseph Horne Company and American Eagle Outfitters. McGalla originally was tasked with managing quantities of inventory for women’s apparel at American Eagle’s Pittsburgh regional stores, but she moved over to its marketing department and started bringing new ideas on brand promotion. About 10 years into her time at American Eagle she became the executive chief merchandising officer and then president of the company. She stayed until 2009 when she left to pursue other business gigs.

Susan McGalla has never considered women moving up in the corporate world to be anything unusual or something she’s felt she needed to prove to anyone. She simply believes in everyone working hard and achieving the goals they’ve set, and that the same expectations should be on women that are on men, a value her parents instilled in her. McGalla does offer management advice to other executives through her privately-run P3 Executive Consulting business.


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