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When it comes to companies that are generating a lot of buzz and a lot of positive energy, Talk Fusion is at the top of the list, especially after the great 2016 they had. It was a year to remember for them and it was a year they won’t soon forget. They won two awards from the Technology Marketing Corporation. Now, keep in mind, it is hard enough to win one award from a company, but when someone is talking about two awards, that is truly something to hang your hat on and be proud of as a company. It means everyone was on the same page and did their job to the best of their abilities.


Their recent award in 2016 from the company was for the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of The Year Award. The company was founded and created by Bob Reina in 2007. It started out because he wanted to send out video emails. Now, there is a video chat option with Talk Fusion which allows Android users to talk with iPhone users. This is the kind of groundbreaking stuff they have cooking up at Talk Fusion. It is truly something unique and truly something special.


That is what is great about the tech world and companies like Talk Fusion. They are showing what is possible when great minds put themselves together and think of ways to keep customers coming back for more. Right now, Talk Fusion is offering thirty-day free trials, which promises to bring even more customers to Talk Fusion in 2017 and more businesses growth. It gives people the chance to work for a boss that is a new type of boss and creates jobs for people as well. There can never be enough jobs for people out there in an environment where they feel creative and they are doing something they truly love.

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    That is a big award and that is why Talk Fusion is where it is at and the company that people are always talking about and raving about, especially those that have been using it for a while. It is also vital that do get all that they want to even if it is difficult for the others.

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