The Face of Investing

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Mega-billionaire Warren Buffet remains a magnanimous figure in the world of investing. In addition to meticulously investing, he reaps his investments’ significant return. Moreover, Warren Buffet remains someone who has achieved a level of success that fewer than 10% of Americans will ever reach. An overwhelming majority of Americans will never become rich. Dues to the years of experience Buffet has in investing, he possesses an unprecedented level of wisdom. Moreover, Warren Buffet recently wagered $1 million dollars for charity should he achieve better investment returns than a group of hedge fund managers by investing an S&P 500 passive index fund.

With Buffet being the investment guru that he is, it remains certain that he will receive his expected returns. Moreover, Buffet understands the lack of knowledge many of today’s investors face. Furthermore, Buffet understands the abundance of hedge funds that extort investors. For the most part, Buffet’s investing strategy remains relatively unchanged. Buffet uses simple, cost-effective investments that he holds for a long period of time. Moreover, Buffet’s believes in bottom-up investing. He invests by reviewing companies’ stocks and building up a diverse portfolio. For decades, his strategy has remained successful. With such an insight, Buffet advises Americans to save money for retirement and invest.

For those unaware, Tim Armour remains a success story in his own right. In addition, Tim Armour remains a prominent figure in the investment industry. He holds the distinction of possessing a great deal of knowledge within the industry. Since 1983, he began his career as a participant in the Associates Program. While at Middlebury College, Armour obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from Middlebury College.


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    For more than three decades, Tim has re-imagined being a financial specialist. Because of such promise to contributing, Tim has earned the regard of his associates. It is a cool way for to do all that they can which might enable them to have everything ready too for them.

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