The Fagali’I Airport – Fly In For Your Exciting Trip To Apia

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The Fagali’I airport is located in the beautiful country of Samoa. Where tropical fish, sandy beaches, blue seas and coconut trees create an amazing scenery. Located just a hop and a skip from the capital of Samoa, Apia. Where historic volcanoes, rock sliding and Samoa partying takes the cake. Visiting Apia and surrounding locations is a sheer excitement. Highly reviewed, re-visited and never forgotten. The Samoan community welcomes you, all through the year.

About the Fagali’I airport
Fagali’I airport is a very small airport with only two airlines: Samoa Airways and Talofa Airways. Includes a customs department, guest services, a currency exchange and a mini market. It also includes a short landing strip, which is considered too short for many other airlines. But, sufficient enough for the two airlines currently in commission. Transportation accommodations are plentiful: taxis, buses, shuttles, etc. Surrounded by a long list of highly rated hotels with fun amenities: swimming pools, tennis courts, golf courses and fitness centers. Its top airline flies out over 300 flights per month.

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About Apia
Apia is all about fun and amazement:
Beautiful beaches:
● Lefaga Beach
● Tafa Tafa Beach
● Vaiala Beach
● Salamumu Beach

Luxurious Structures:
● Robert Louis Stevenson Mansion
● Immaculate Conception of Mary Cathedral

Water Activities:
● Papaseea Sliding Rock
● Palolo Deep Marine Reserve
● Surfing
● Samoan Culture:
● Samoa Cultural Village
● Gift and Specialty Shops

These eleven fun and amazing things to do is just the beginning as there are hundreds of other exciting things to do in Apia according to Including, walking a jungle trail, yoga hiking, kayaking and canoeing, touring the wildlife and much more!

Highly Reviewed Hotels
If you decide to fly in to the Fagali’I airport, your next stop would usually be to your hotel. Tourists usually wants the best places to stay reasonably for the greatest comfort for their families. Below are the six highest rated hotels for under $200 per night within a two mile radius of the Fagali’I airport:
● Tanoa Tusitala Hotel – $131 – 1.6 miles
● Apia Central Hotel – $50 – 1.2 miles
● Insel Fehmarn Hotel – $65 – 0.4 miles
● Hotel Millenia Samoa – $61 – 1.8 miles
● Taumeasina Island Resort – $195 – 1.3 miles
● Lynn’s Getaway Accommodation – $39 – 0.4 miles

Book a flight to the Fagali’I airport today. Many great ticket prices are available for the entire family. Come enjoy some fun time in the tropics.


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