The Financial Investment Group Operates Worldwide

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Fortress Investment Group is an investment management portfolio firm that was founded in the year 1999. Since the time of their founding, the Fortress Investment Group has expanded their portfolio to include stocks and bonds from all around the world. Their workforce of 1500 people has deep experience in many different sectors which allows them how to advise consumers to make money in various different specialized markets. As of December 31, 2017, says that the Fortress Investment Group manages over $43 billion worldwide. This is due to the fact that they have over 1750 institutions who trust them to manage their money and help them grow their business as they look to dominate and take over more market share. The Fortress Investment Group spread this money to various different sectors and industries in order to keep it safe should any of those industries face hard times.

Of the $43.6 billion the Fortress Investment Group often puts it in one of four different categories. The largest of those categories is the credit private equity category which holds $15.1 billion. The second largest is their credit hedge fund category which operates and manages $9 billion. The third largest category is a capital vehicles which allows them to have flexibility the various markets. This whole $7.8 billion. The smallest category that they operate is private equity which only holds 15% of their money or $6.5 billion. The Fortress Investment Group ensures that every single customer’s investment will stay safe. In order to do this, they voice specialists in every single field and have them oversee the daily management operations of the company. They are responsible for looking at market trends to see which areas are going to thrive, which are going to die, how one sector and industry will affect another.

The Fortress Investment Group grew to be as large as it is today by focusing on several core competencies. The first core competency that belongs to this company is the fact that they are asset-based. This means that they provide credit funds to people in order to earn interest rates back. However, they spread these investments out in a very broad manner.The second core competency is that they hire people based on industry specialty. Of the 1500 people that work for the Fortress Investment Group, every single one of them has advanced education in the industry that they are managing.The third core competency is that this company is a specialist in the areas of operation management. This allows them to analyze and recommend investments even in the most complex situations.The fourth core competency is that they are capable of aiding a Corporation that’s looking at acquiring another company and merging. They help each company by working hand-in-hand with the Directors and various stakeholders.Their last core competency is their ability to function in capital markets. They have considerable expertise in this area and they protect customers with low-cost and low risk investments in equity capital markets.

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