The Kabbalah Centre and Its Precious Teachings

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The Kabbalah Center International passes knowledge about the Kabbalistic teachings and Zohar. This knowledge is passed down in packages commonly known as courses. Often, the courses are taught via three ways, through global study groups, the analog platform, and the digital platform. The analog platform involves attending centers within your region or city while the digital platform is obviously via the online platform. The foster parents of Kabbalah presentation are its directors, Phillip Berg and his wife, Karen Berg. Since Kabbalistic teachings are global and not restricted to any specific race or state, the teaching staff that offers Kabbalistic education and guidance is one made of people of difference ethics, states, and color.

Kabbalah Center International was founded in 1984 and is a non-profit organization. Kabbalah Center is situated in Los Angeles. At times, communities perceived Kabbalah teaching as one difficult to understand. Its mysteries were perceived to be too difficult to be solved by mere children and youths. Kabbalah was considered the old men cup of wine. The Kabbalah Center has a rich historical ground. It was commenced in 1922, by Yehuda Ashlag. Yehuda was a master in Kabbalah who understood importance of making the Kabbalah knowledge accessible to its people. Kabbalah has heard different perceptions from different people. Some do believe that it is sacred and that its knowledge was handed over to specific people like Adam, Moses, and Abraham. In other perceptions, Kabbalah was viewed to be some sought of reservation for the elite married group of couples above the age of 40 years and were scholars of the Jewish law.

The Kabbalah Center’s Volunteer Program is the cornerstone from which the Kabbalah Centre is built. The volunteer program was founded to make the people understand how vital it is to share and give up themselves. Karen Berg says that the only way for a one to feel an ultimate true fulfillment is when the soul is fed. He further says that a well-fed soul is the one that has felt the feeling of unconditional sharing. The volunteer program offers all kind of services that aim at good will. They clean beaches, Feed the homeless, mentor new students, and even visit the sick.

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