The Reasons Behind the Success of Rick Smith Securus at Securus Technologies

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Rick Smith is a renowned leader in inventions and innovations. His leadership has aided in improving the standard of living of many people. His competent skills and leadership led to his appointment as the CEO of Securus Technologies. The company offers services which enable the inmates to contact their families through video or voice calls. The inmates can also send emails to their loved ones. The technology has aided in maintaining the relationship between the inmates and their families.The productive contribution of Rick Smith in innovations and inventions are attributed to the rich educational background which he obtained. Rick Smith has a degree in electrical engineering. He was awarded associate’s degree at Rochester Institute of Technology. He also pursued Masters in Business Administration (MBA) at University of Rochester. The good educational background has enabled him to succeed in the companies that he has served.

Rick Smith has enough skills and experience which he obtained while working for various companies. The skills and experience have enabled the Securus Technologies to succeed in the technological advancement. The able leadership skills led him to be appointed to various positions in various firms. He served at Frontier Corporation as information technology manager.He made productive contribution in business development and finance in the company. He also served at the position of Chief Executive Officer while working for Eschelon Telecommunication, Inc. He worked at the company for nine years. The revenue of the company grew from $30 to $350 million during his tenure as the CEO. The recorded value of EBITDA rose to $80 million while the CAGR obtained was 48 percent. His leadership led the Eschelon to be recognized as the successful IPO in 2005.

The leadership of Rick Smith at Securus Technologies has enabled the company to beat its competitors such Global Tel Link. Securus Technologies produces a variety of products which are suitable for the consumers. Rick Smith established a call center which is under the management of the employees in the company. The company performs 600 percent better due to the development of the call center as compared to its competitors. The technicians and the engineers in the company are well trained.The company invested $600 million in patents and technological development. The idea was adopted by Rick Smith to enable the company to grow in technological production. The money was also used in acquiring the items which were important in the expansion of the firm between 2013 and 2016.The leadership of Rick Smith is driven by the need to solve the problems facing the society. The Securus Technologies has solved the problems which require invention and innovations. He is a committed and visionary leader with the rich expertise necessary for the success of any company.

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