The Success Path of George Soros as a Philanthropist.

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George Soros is a renowned personality in the America who engages in several charitable activities. He is among the wealthiest individuals in the universe according to Forbes. Spending his childhood days in Budapest in the early 1940s, George encountered the World War II that greatly influenced him in his career. The Nazis attacked his country when he was eleven years old, which made his family to seek a way out of Hungary. His father forged their identity documents that made them escape the regime in 1947, making George Soros survive the calamity. The philanthropist and his family moved to London where he continued his education.

After completing his high school education, George Soros was privileged to join at the London School of Economics. He pursued his passion on financial markets that developed while he was a teenager. Soros graduated with a degree in philosophy and later enrolled for a postgraduate degree in the same university. He got his first job as a railway porter and a waiter while he was still a student. Karl Popper dramatically influences his charitable activities. George is always on the lead in ensuring that he creates a better environment for several communities that he reaches out.

George Soros served several banking institutions in London, working as an employee in the field of finance. The philanthropist gained knowledge and skills over the years as a hedge fund manager before resigning. He moved to the United States of America and invested in several business opportunities. In 1969, George ventured into the hedge fund industry and formed Soros Fund Management, LLC in New York. He used twelve million dollars to create the firm, which later gave him vast profits over the years. The company stretched out its business on funding investments across the United States through the stewardship of George Soros. The organization earned him an incredible reputation in the corporate world for being the most reliable players on Wall Street. Through Soros Fund Management LLC, George appears on the Forbes 400 list as one of the most influential individuals in the universe. His net value is approximated to be three hundred million dollars. Read more at

George Soros is currently engaged in activities that promote democracy and human rights. The philanthropist launched Open Society in 2014, focusing on creating the social consciousness of individuals across the universe. The association is in partnership with various charity organizations and the Human Rights Foundation. Open Society focuses on introducing humanitarian projects that help to curb social issues involved in communities across the world. Georges Soros spearheaded campaigns across the United States including the drive to protect gays and lesbians by reducing police abuses. Over one hundred countries across the globe are associated with the Open Society according to

As a philanthropist, George Soros supports various individuals, programs, and organizations through the Open Society. During the 2014 outbreak of Ebola, George donated funds to stop the spread of the disease. He also provided support for Hilary Clinton and PACs during the 2016 US elections. Soros also took part in curbing the wave of hate incitement that occurred after during the same year. Read more at CNN Money.