The Way Out with Drew Madden

Posted on May 3, 2018 By

Did you know that Amazon is now in the business of selling professional-grade equipment to pharmaceutical companies with a newfound distribution license? It’s true; the retail monstrosity has found its footing in yet another industry, and it seems that no selling platform is beyond their reach at this point. The next target that they’ve laid eyes on, it seems, is the power to send your prescriptions directly to your doorstep using drones or classic shipping if you so choose. Actually, let’s be exact about this one: Will state governments really allow anyone to use drones this early on for the delivery of potentially dangerous drugs to anyone’s doorstep? We think not.

Still, Amazon operates on a global scale; there’s frankly nothing they can’t do at this point besides provide certain services such as health insurance, which is incidentally what CVS is doing in their effort to stanch the inevitable bleed that Amazon’s newfound presence in the medical industry will bring. It seems that everywhere they go, business runs dry and is either sucked up into Goliath’s gaping maw or rag-dolled aside like a defeated David, but one thing’s for sure now: CVS isn’t letting the proverbial nephilim win this time.

Aetna is a renown name in the health care industry, and they’ve been in the business for quite a while now. In fact, they have a behind-the-scenes grip on most Americans’ health insurance plans, which is mighty impressive. How natural could it be that CVS would look at Aetna with an appetite and decide that maybe now would be the time to buy them up? That’s precisely what the health and wellness provider is aiming to do, and if the deal goes all the way through, it appears that CVS will have attained an advantage that Amazon can’t touch.

In the meantime, providing health insurance right inside their own brick-and-mortar constructs is a matter of superior health care IT, and that’s an area of intense focus that CVS will probably require Drew Madden to pull off smoothly. Madden, currently a management partner with Evergreen Healthcare, has a long history as an executive strategist in the field of information technology with the purpose of connecting medical networks together for expeditious service delivery. He could be just the answer that CVS never knew they needed.

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