Whitney Wolfe Herd Gives Attention To Female Help During App Dating

Posted on January 27, 2018 By

The ideas Whitney Wolfe Herd had for the app she was creating were made so women would have a chance to experience more when they were looking for the perfect match. They would not have to come up against unwarranted messages or things that people were doing when they chose to use Bumble. Since the app was created by a woman and featured many women in leadership roles who were running the app, women could feel comfortable about how it worked and how it was designed to make sure they knew what they were doing to try different things as long as they were looking for a great match.

Depending on what Whitney Wolfe Herd had done in the past, she knew the Bumble app would be the best option for women. She also always tried to give people the help they needed so they wouldn’t have to worry about how much of a difference they would need to make with the app. It was their way of giving attention to different issues in the industry. There was a lot of work people could do to change the world of app dating and that went back to what Whitney Wolfe Herd had put into Bumble.

Even though there were some changes that were happening with world of online dating, nothing made as much sense as when Whitney Wolfe Herd took the time to create Bumble. Everything about the company, from the way the app works to their branding, makes sense. It is a bright, fun and cheery app that people can use when they are looking for a great date. It allows them to connect with other people and gives them a chance to try things on their own. For Whitney Wolfe Herd, this was the hallmark of a great dating app and something that women could feel good about what they were doing no matter what.

As Whitney Wolfe Herd continued to work hard on her app, there was one person who always stood beside her. Her boyfriend was the one who was helping her out and supporting her in different things. After the app launched and started to take off to the point where Whitney Wolfe Herd was feeling successful, she made the choice to marry her boyfriend. Now, her husband is continuing to support her while she makes the app better than what it ever was when she first started.

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