Why MB2 Dental is an Ideal Dental Service Organization

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MB2 Dental is a well-established and prominent dental management as well as practice development company that is created by dentists for dentists. As a firm that is entirely owned by dentists, MB2 Dentist has customized its services to fit the needs of both patients and providers in the best way possible. In fact, being a dentist owned firm gives the firm an advantage when it comes to understanding the needs and challenges of dentists first hand.




With more than 60 dental affiliated offices in about six states, MB2 Dental Solutions is committed to providing the affiliated offices with a broad range of services. Since its inception in 2009 by Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva, MB2 has assisted doctors to operate their practice efficiently without the need to give up standards of care as well as patient care.


Partnership with The CDI Group


The CDI Group started its partnership with MB2 Dental in 2014 through designing as well as executing the proprietary Priority Dental Plan.  More importantly, The CDI Group is also acknowledged for creating the plan marketing materials such as postcards, tabletop displays and plan brochures.


The proprietary Priority Dental Plan was established in a bid to aid MB2 affiliated dentists to provide an affordable option for comprehensive dentistry care. Since the inception of this plan, it has become a crucial component of MB2 culture. Consequently, the Priority Dental Plan serves as an important marketing plan, which consistently forces new patients to seek assistance in MB2 affiliated offices.


In-depth Details about MB2 Dental


MB2 is acknowledged for providing guidance, knowledge as well as personalized services and systems to over 60 independently operated and owned dental offices. Some of these offices exist in various locations based in Alaska, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Louisiana, Texas and New Mexico. It is also spearheaded by a vision to establish a community where dentists can commit themselves to providing exemplary dental care to their patients. Additionally, the firm believes that by assisting its customers with the business side of their practice, gives them time and energy to focus on meeting the needs of each of their patients.


Since non-clinical tasks can be time consuming, confusing and burdensome, MB2 addresses such operations on behalf of its clients. Some of the specialties of the firm include IT support, compliance, finance and accounting, marketing, human resources and many others.


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